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GarageBand - Advisory Board:

* Sir George Martin Legendary producer who signed "The Beatles," Chairman of the Advisory Board.
Sir George joined in October of 1999. In recently reaffirming his commitment to the company, he had these words to share: "Since 1998, I've turned down hundreds of invitations to join Internet music companies. is the only one I've agreed to work with, and I remain committed to their philosophy. The appeal of is the unique way in which it focuses on the quality of songs and uses the Internet to find talented new groups, many of which would have stood little chance of being heard by industry pros in this age of label consolidation. Young talent remains very close to my heart, and I look forward to hearing some of the great new bands out there."
* Bob Pittman A titan of the entertainment, media, and internet industries, Bob Pittman started his illustrious career as a disc jockey in Mississippi. He established a reputation as a brilliant radio programmer through successive positions culminating with head of programming for WNBC Radio in NY in 1979.
Bob then led the visionary team that created MTV, and he served as President and CEO of MTV Networks (incl Nickelodeon and VH1) until 1987. Over the next eight years, Bob served as CEO of Quantum Media, Time Warner Enterprises, Six Flags Theme Parks, and Century 21 Real Estate Corporation successively.
In 1996 Bob joined AOL Networks as President and CEO. He served as COO of America Online Inc, later AOL Time Warner. Today, Bob runs the Pilot Group, a private investment firm.

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for song "Cain" , Artist: anber

Best Production in Instrumental Rock, week of 14Aug2006

Best Programming in Instrumental Rock, week of 14Aug2006